Monday, 25 October 2010

Wednesday, 19 November 2008


Recently, this has been Karis' favourite quote. She's been dictating us with her "doh-wan" (don't want) or "more" (when she likes something, she will tell you "more! more! more!")

I really hope that the terrible twos syndrome will not happen to Karis at all.

I miss the camera!

Been not having a functional camera for almost one month! The feelings of "loss" towards the camera is intensified when Karis is chatting to herself, having a simple conversation with me or her Daddy, grooving herself like a real pro as a dancing queen to groovy music, sashaying her body to slow music, or wearing sweetie dresses and hair accessories while we are out.

The beloved camera is currently in the repair shop, and I really hope that it will come back to me safe and sane in one week's time!

20 Oct 08 - First day @ School

20 October 2008 - What a day to remember! Being the first day of Karis attending a childcare programme, it also signifies new adjustments and the beginning of an exciting phase in life - for Karis, myself and my hubby. Through this experience, I truly learnt that changes can be something worth pursuing in life. What we perceive as changing for the worse can really turn out to be changing for the better. Afterall, most of us are just complacent beings who like to live in our own tiny comfort zone. Except for the separation anxiety that I felt on the first day, being teary-eyed when I left the centre (parent's separation anxiety, not the child's, mind you:)), Karis has been adapting extremely well in the transition to childcare! Put simply, she does seem happier after attending the half-day childcare programme, compared to staying at home with po-po on weekdays. Most of my initial worries and concerns are banished, observing how well she has been adapting to the childcare.

Two weeks after attending childcare, Karis started to take her day nap in the childcare centre, from 12:30pm to 2:30pm. I had allowed her to take her nap there so that I could be on time to pick her up after work everyday. I have converted my employment status to part-time, so that I could spend more time with her during these early crucial years, and more so because I don't hope that she will spend 10 hours daily in a childcare setting at such a young age. Having explored few options of care-giving for Karis, part-time employment is the most ideal arrangement. I am indeed very grateful and blessed to have such an arrangement. Nevertheless, having the same extent of a full-time job scope to be completed within half the working time is another separate matter altogther - I just have to totally depend on God's wisdom in balancing the time well.

Reading the weekly update sent by the childcare centre supervisor about what Karis' class has been doing for the week has never failed to warm my heart. I am now looking forward to the monthly update by end this month, as this update will come along with cute, lovely, and heartwarming pictures of Karis and her little friends in her toddler class!

Monday, 17 November 2008

New Playground @ Zoo

We went to the recently opened mega water playground in the zoo with Ting Ting Yi-Yi & Yi-zhang, Fang Fang Yi-Yi & Yi-zhang, Bernice jie-jie and Juven jie-jie. This is probably my 8th or 9th time to the zoo. (With compliments to Daddy's free corporate zoo pass, and Aunty Amy who recently registered Mummy and myself as co-members of the Friends of Zoo)

Mummy thinks that I have grown since my last visit to the zoo, as I will sometimes utter the name of the animals that I see. She thinks that I am quite a drama princess too, because I will make a sudden exclaimation or scream when I suddenly spot an animal out of the blue. (For instance, a monkey swinging mid-air to another tree)

Upon reaching the new playground, I enjoyed myself playing with the water at the water fountain at the side. I had enjoyed myself thoroughly, until a bucket of pail filled to the brim with water was flipped down deliberately from the top, causing a big gush of water to splash on my head and mummy's. We only knew about the elephant bucket and did not realise that there was another bucket placed at the area where you climb up to play the slide. Mummy said that I'm quite poor thing then, because the pressure from the gush of water is quite strong and sudden, and I would have been scared by the sudden gush. Indeed, after this incident, when mummy wanted to bring me to play in other play structures in the playground, I said repeatedly to her "Doh-wan" (don't want). Mummy still thinks that I am quite brave, because she herself was startled by the sudden gush of water, and yet I only "whined" a while and didn't cry.

(No photos were taken, because the very-missed camera is currently in the repair shop)

Saturday, 8 November 2008


I was extremely astonished when Karis started to count "One, two, three, four, five, six, ..ven, eight, nine, ten!", while she is walking along the pavement to the childcare centre. Both my hubby and I witnessed the golden moments!

When she was counting, her hands were pointing at the leaves imprinted on the pavement, signalling that she was counting the leaves there. I was very astonished as both my hubby and I did not teach her to count from one to ten. The only time that we said one to ten is when we are in a lift going up, or when we are climbing up or down the stairs. We also thought that it may not be from the childcare teaching, as she just started to attend the childcare programme. Our guess is that it may come from watching the video on Barney - Counting 1,2,3.

(Afternote: Since then, what is overheard when Karis counts is, "One, two, three, four, five....... nine, ten!", skipping six, seven, eight. At least we managed to capture this precious moment!)

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Macau Trip - 4th and 5th day (Venetian & our Hotel)

Taken at the spacious balcony of the hotel we stayed...(Riviera Hotel, formerly called Ritz Hotel)

Karis' enjoying her shower in the bath-tub
Beautiful seaview of Macau captured in the comfort of our hotel room...

Karis' typical cheeky smile :)

Karis with her cheeky smile. As mummy & daddy do not smile in this way at all, wondering where did she learn this smile from??

Playing with FP laptop...
Beautiful night view of Macau...

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Macau Trip - 3rd day - Senado Square & St. Paul

At Senado Square

In front of St Paul church facade ruins

Here's our sweetheart and Daddy singing the Incy Wincy spider song in front of the mirror, at the food court of the New Yaohan (xin1 bai3 ban4) departmental store building. We frequent our meals there, as the food is generally yummy, complimented with a new and clean ambience.

Macau Trip - 2nd day - HK Disneyland

Karis' at the HK train station to Disneyland.

Karis in the disney train :)
Standing on the pavement waiting for the Disneyland parade to start...
The travelling journey from our hotel in Macau to HK Disneyland took us a total of more than three hours. Almost half an hour spent in hotel shuttle bus travelling from Macau hotel to the ferry terminal, an hour of ferry ride to Hong Kong (we took the ferry leading to Kowloon instead of Hong Kong so we ended with more time spent in the train ride), and another hour of train ride to Disneyland. Karis' instinctive camera pose is squatting down :) In the Macau ferry terminal back to our Macau hotel. As the travelling time to and fro took us more than five hours, we spent twelve hours of our time outside. Karis' been very well-behaved and resilient despite her mouth ulcer which may have just developed then, due to the HFMD which we found out only when we were back to Singapore then.
Check out Karis playing with Daddy's handphone!

Monday, 13 October 2008

Macau Trip - 1st Day - 2nd October 2008

The three of us in the plane :)

At the Budget Terminal before departing to Macau. Lurves the thrill of sliding down!

Sesame Street stickers, colouring book, Barney videos and Fisher-Price laptop - keeping Karis entertained and occupied throughout the three-and-a-half hour journey.

Barney-packed videos in iPod - Probably the best tool in the world to keep toddlers occupied for hours!

Karis' blabbering with her baby-language through the phone...

and laughing hysterically in the midst of her teleconversation!

Karis' taking video-shoot of herself ...Mimicking us saying the usual "one, two, (three)" before the camera-click :-